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Day: May 29, 2017

Depreciation Changes Budget 2017

Depreciation is the natural wear and tear that occurs to a building and the assets within it over time and it’s one of three (3) key tools property investors use to make holding investment property more affordable and tax effective. The proposed new laws to depreciation will result in a

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SMSF Deductions

SMSF PROPERTY DEDUCTIONS One of the great benefits of property in an SMSF is the raft of available deductions. Expenses that are likely to be deductible include bank charges, brokerage, filing fees, fines, interest paid insurance premiums, valuation and storage costs, property expenses, relevant training courses, subscriptions, administration software fees.

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Setting up an SMSF

Some of the things to consider when setting up an  SMSF Why should you setup an SMSF? This is the burning question or easily one of the most contentious questions in the Australian financial services market. SMSF ‘s offer four (4) key  benefits 1.Control and Ownership An SMSF and its

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SMSF Compliance Breaches

SMSF COMPLIANCE BREACHES SMSF COMPLIANCE BREACHES The ATO’s recent report has highlighted a few common breaches. This article will explore these breached in more detail to assist SMSF’s and Acquiring Assets from Family and Associates Let us first establish who a related party of an SMSF is? They can be:

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How to locate lost super

FINDING YOUR LOST SUPER MONEY Finding your lost super funds can be a source of great frustration for many Australians, who had accounts in their twenties and teens. There is over $14 billion in lost super money as at 30 June 2016 according to the ATO. Lets face it, locating

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What types of property can i buy with SMSF?

WHAT PROPERTY CAN I BUY IN A SMSF These are some answers to common SMSF property related questions. 1: Can I sell an existing investment property or my home I own, into my SMSF? A: NO, You cannot sell an existing investment property or a principal place of residence to

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