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Managing a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) entails various responsibilities, including accounting for investments in precious assets such as gold, silver, and pink diamonds. This guide aims to provide insights into SMSF administration concerning these unique investment avenues.

Understanding SMSF Administration:

SMSF administration involves the proper management of all financial aspects of the fund, including record-keeping, compliance, and reporting to regulatory authorities such as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). When it comes to alternative investments like gold, silver, and pink diamonds, specific considerations must be addressed to ensure regulatory compliance and accurate accounting.

Gold Investing in SMSFs:

Gold holds a unique allure for investors seeking diversification and hedging against market volatility. SMSFs can invest in gold through various channels, including physical bullion, gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and gold mining stocks. However, it’s essential to adhere to ATO guidelines regarding the acquisition, storage, and valuation of gold assets within an SMSF.

Silver Investments in SMSFs:

Similar to gold, silver is valued for its role as a store of wealth and a hedge against economic uncertainty. SMSFs can explore silver investment opportunities through physical silver bars or coins, silver ETFs, or shares of silver mining companies. Proper documentation and valuation procedures are crucial to ensure compliance with SMSF regulations.

Pink Diamonds in SMSFs:

Pink diamonds represent a niche investment category coveted for their rarity and aesthetic appeal. While SMSFs can potentially invest in pink diamonds, thorough due diligence is necessary due to their high value and unique market dynamics. Proper valuation, authentication, and storage arrangements are paramount to safeguarding SMSF assets invested in pink diamonds.

Are you investing in Gold, Silver, Diamonds or other metals via your SMSF?

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Are you investing in Gold, Silver, Diamonds or other metals via your SMSF?

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Why are SMSF investors adding,
Gold, Silver & Pink Diamonds ?

These are all great assets which are uncorrelated to traditional growth assets like property, shares and fixed interest. Typically these assets add diversity and are great assets to insure against a broader market downturn or to improve the performance of your portfolio.
SMSF Gold, Silver & Diamond Investments


Gold is a great store of wealth asset used for centuries by nations around the world
SMSF Gold, Silver & Diamond Investments


Silver is used in many new computer chip and electronic device componentry
SMSF Gold, Silver & Diamond Investments


Pink diamonds are Rare and the closure of the Argyle Mine in WA will result in less supply driving prices highers

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SMSF Gold, Silver and Diamonds. How to stay compliant with Super Laws?

Why My Smsf for Gold and Pink Diamonds, Accounting?

  • Gold & Silver Investment Rules:

    • Purity Requirements: Gold (99.5%+ purity), Silver (99.9%+ purity), and platinum (99.95%+ purity) must meet strict purity requirements to be considered investment-grade.
    • Storage Compliance: Must be stored in an approved and secure location, such as a bullion dealer’s vault or a secure bank safe.
  • Diamond Investment Rules:

    • Valuation and Certification: Diamonds must have an independent valuation and certification to prove authenticity.
    • Storage Compliance: Similar to precious metals, diamonds must be stored securely and separately from other assets.

SMSF Gold, Silver & Pink Diamonds

There are many Gold, Metals and Pink Diamond SMSF investment storage solutions for SMSF investors via a Bullion Dealer in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The services are all Secure, insured and valuations are available by request or included with the monthly rental Fee.  

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