About Us


My SMSF is a
SMSF Administration Services and Self-Managed Super Fund Setup provider

My SMSF 14 Years experience and knowledge

My SMSF / My SMSF Property’s SMSF Accounting Platform services funds that hold Crypto, Bitcoin, Property, Gold and Diamond investments with over 14 years of SMSF expertise .

We have helped many client’s setup super funds, for Crypto SMSF investing, Gold Investing, Property Investment and Diamond investing over the last ten ( 14 ) years.

Tax Agent No: 71071007


R S Capital Partners Pty Ltd ABN: 67 145 282 908 trades as My SMSF/ My SMSF Property.

We provide our services to clients all over Australia by using technology to create efficiency and by using our proprietary software and by communicating via, email, whatsapp chat and phone to maintain relationships with our clients. We are a 100% cloud based administration business that offers services at great fixed prices, no hourly fees, asset-based fees or fees per transaction.

My SMSF / My SMSF Property is a majority privately  owned SMSF Administration company. By acting as your SMSF services hub, we provide reporting, information and ancillary services for SMSF members and their funds.

My SMSF has the experience and knowledge, with over ten ( 14 ) years of business operation, to provide administration services, with referral lending available. We use an *independent accounting and auditing panel consisting of ,tax agents and ASIC accredited auditors to complete our clients work.

All legal advice is provided by outsourced legal advisers and specialist online conveyance services ,who assist our clients.

R S Capital Partners Pty Ltd trading as My SMSF & My SMSF Property is a SMSF administration service business. We do not solicit clients to setup SMSF’s.

R S Capital Partners Pty Ltd ABN: 67 145 282 908 trading as My SMSF / My SMSF Property, uses a loan manager service or direct lender services.  The loan services are for SMSF loans only

When you establish an SMSF with My SMSF, Self-Managed Super Fund Setup service, all assets are purchased in the name of your SMSF’s individual or corporate trustee.

This is a very important point which should give you total peace of mind that your SMSF and its members are the direct owner and controller of all your purchased assets. As a member of retail or industry fund, you are a beneficial owner of your assets.

My SMSF Property has been recognized for its innovation by Australian Anthill Magazine in 2013 & 2014, 2015 & 2017 We continue to innovate and simplify SMSF services. We are a simple, transparent and service orientated company, specializing in crypto,property, gold, diamonds and metals in super services and SMSF administration.