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We offer a discounted setup for your SMSF ( $880 fee) provided that you complete one (1) year’s administration with us. If you fail to do this, a fee of $1,550 is payable for the time spent setting up your fund.
View our fee schedule and terms for more details on associated fees for small changes to your fund and fees paid to regulators such as the ATO and ASIC.

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To setup a SMSF with My SMSF you will need to have the following:

Comparison Guide:

When comparing SMSF loans, it’s crucial to understand the differences between fixed and variable interest rates, as well as loan features like offset accounts and prepayment flexibility. Fixed-rate loans offer stability in repayments, while variable-rate loans can provide potential savings if market rates drop. Additionally, consider lender-specific requirements such as minimum SMSF balance and property type restrictions. This guide will also highlight the approval process and common SMSF loan features to help you navigate the borrowing landscape confidently. View our SMSF Loans explanation page for more details.

Understanding SMSF Loan Options and Interest Rates

SMSF loans come with various interest rate options, and understanding the differences is key to optimizing your investment:

  • Fixed vs. Variable Interest Rates: Fixed rates provide repayment certainty, while variable rates can offer lower interest but may fluctuate.
  • Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR): Lenders typically offer SMSF loans with an LVR ranging from 60% to 80%, affecting your initial deposit.

Compare SMSF Loans: Features and Requirements

Different lenders offer unique features and requirements that could significantly impact your SMSF loan decision:

  • Offset Accounts: Some SMSF loans come with offset accounts that can reduce interest payments.
  • Prepayment Flexibility: Check if prepayments are allowed without penalties to save on interest.
  • Minimum Balance Requirements: Lenders often require a minimum SMSF balance to qualify for loans.
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