Free SMSF Ebooks

Free SMSF Ebooks
You Will Learn How To

Manage your SMSF by yourself!


Benefits Of Smsf Property

Learn how to save thousands of dollars in tax and interest, pay off your loan in half the time with no out of pocket costs and skip saving for a deposit or stamp duty.


Smsf Charts & Images

Difficult concepts are illustrated using charts, tables and pictorial representations of complex structures and strategies.

SMSF Administration, SMSF Property, SMSF Crypto/ Gold services

* This information is general in nature, you will need to obtain tax advice on capital gains tax, tax minimisation strategy advice on allowable tax deductions.

More Information: ATO Website


Smsf Funding Methods

We will show you 3 types of funding for your SMSF property which will reduce the risk and lower your costs.

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Smsf Property Ebook

Learn the keys to SMSF property and LRBA’s or SMSF Loans, by downloading our SMSF Property Ebook

Free SMSF Guides

Free SMSF Ebooks


Free SMSF Ebooks


Free SMSF Ebooks


Free SMSF Ebooks


Our library of free SMSF eBooks is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed for SMSF success. Here are the essential eBooks we offer:

  1. SMSF Crypto eBook:
    The first SMSF Crypto eBook in Australia, providing comprehensive insights into managing cryptocurrencies within your SMSF.

  2. SMSF Property eBook:
    The most comprehensive guide illustrating the compelling benefits of SMSF property ownership and effective strategies for maximizing returns.

  3. SMSF Lending eBook:
    Discover the tips and traps of SMSF lending, ensuring you make informed borrowing decisions.

  4. SMSF Setups eBook:
    Covers everything you should know and be aware of when setting up and managing your own SMSF.

Download these essential guides today to gain expert advice and take control of your SMSF journey.

At My SMSF, we believe in empowering Australians to take control of their retirement savings. Our SMSF eBooks are packed with actionable advice, including step-by-step guides for setting up an SMSF, developing a winning investment strategy, and ensuring compliance with the latest superannuation laws. With topics like property development and international investments, these eBooks are essential resources for anyone looking to make the most of their SMSF.

For more SMSF Education go to the Money Smart Website