Compare Savings with our SMSF
Property Benefits Calculator

Our free SMSF Property Calculator is designed to help you accurately assess the potential returns on your SMSF property investment. Whether you’re planning to invest in residential or commercial real estate, this easy-to-use calculator allows you to estimate rental yields, borrowing capacity, and overall return on investment. By entering key details such as property value, rental income, and loan amount, you’ll get a comprehensive insight into your investment strategy and how it aligns with your Self-Managed Super Fund goals.


With this SMSF Property Calculator, you can refine your investment strategy and make data-driven decisions to optimize your retirement savings. Understanding your borrowing capacity and potential rental income empowers you to choose the right property investment, minimize risks, and ensure compliance with SMSF borrowing regulations. Access our calculator today and start planning your SMSF property portfolio with confidence, or contact our SMSF experts for personalized advice and a free consultation.

How to Use the SMSF Property Calculator

  1. Enter Property Details: Provide information about the property value, rental income, and other relevant data.
  2. Input Borrowing Information: Include details of the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term, rental income estimate, super balance, combined income of all members. Salary sacrifice is optional. It will help you pay off the property sooner.
  3. Review Your Results: Analyze estimated rental yields, cash flow, and borrowing capacity.

Benefits of Using Our Free SMSF Property Calculator

  • Accurate Estimates: Get precise calculations on rental yields and borrowing capacity.
  • Investment Strategy Optimization: Refine your investment strategy for maximum returns.
  • Risk Management: Minimize risks with data-driven decision-making.


Calculate Your Returns Now: Use the Free SMSF Property Calculator or Contact Us for SMSF Setup Services and SMSF Accounting.

For more information visit the ATO website to understand your SMSF obligations