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SMSFs Investing in Asian Markets

The global investment landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years due to geopolitical tensions, economic policies, and the impact of the pandemic. Australian self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors have adapted to these changes by focusing on diversification and returns. With the emergence of user-friendly international trading platforms like Moomoo, which allows SMSF investors to trade in Asian stocks to expand their investment portfolio. This article explores the potential  benefits of diversifying into the Asian stock market for Australian SMSF investors.


Market Technology Consumer Goods Healthcare Energy Financials
Australia (ASX) +10.2% +8.5% +9.3% +12.1% +5.6%
United States (S&P 500) +15.3% +10.4% +14.2% +8.0% +12.7%
China (SSE Composite) +18.5% +12.3% +17.1% +15.2% +9/8%


Analysis of Returns and Sector Performance

  1. When it comes to technology and healthcare, the Asian Hong Kong, market is proving to be a top performer compared to Australia and the US. This can be attributed to China’s heavy investments in technology infrastructure and innovation, as well as the rapid growth of its healthcare industry.
  2. The energy sector in Asia, especially in renewables, has experienced impressive growth thanks to the country’s commitment to clean energy. Asia is leading the global energy transition, which is reflected in the higher returns compared to the US and Australia.
  3. While the US excels in financials, Asia’s consumer goods sector is also showing promising performance.

Why Australian SMSFs Should Consider Investing in Asian via the Hong Kong Stock Market

  1. Australian SMSFs can diversify their investment portfolios by investing in Asia ( via the Hong Kong stock market.
  2. This diversification can help reduce risk and improve returns by spreading investments across different geographical regions and sectors. 2. Asian economies are growing faster than most developed countries, driven by innovation, consumer spending, and government support for technology and renewable energy. This growth potential makes Asian and Hong Kong an appealing market for long-term investments.
  3. Nasdaq Listed Futu Securities, via its MooMoo App, provides SMSF investors in Australia with easy access to multiple markets. Trade, USA, Australian and Asian markets. Trade the Nasdaq, Local markets and Asian markets in one user friendly feature packed app, with the following features and benefits.
  • Low Trading Fees $18 a trade 0r 0.3%
  • Same day currency conversion – best in the Australian market
  • Trading and Investor Tools – Andriod and Iphone App
  • Market Leading Promotions such as:
  • 10 Free stocks – spin to win 1 of 10 US Blue Chip US stocks.
  • 6.8% interest on cash*



Australian SMSF investors interested in broadening their investment options should consider the Asia Hong Kong stock market. Asia offers attractive investment opportunities, particularly in the technology, healthcare, and energy industries, with strong potential for diversification and growth. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the risks that come with international investments, such as currency fluctuations and political uncertainties. It is recommended that you conduct comprehensive research and seek guidance from a financial adviser with expertise in international markets.

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General Information Warning: This information is not financial advice and is general in nature. It does not take into consideration, your individual risk appetite, personal circumstances, or needs. This article is intended to inform our users only. Always seek advice when investing in shares and foreign markets from a licensed broker or financial adviser. *Moomoo Trading conditions apply for 6.8% interest offer and free spin stocks –