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ATO and ASIC Service Management

The easiest way to manage your Asic and ATO Correspondance is to do the following

ATO – Manage your address changes, member details and receive correspondance Electronically

Connect from myGov –

If you’re an associate of a business, you can connect from myGov by following these steps.

Log in to myGovExternal link.
Go to Account settings.
Under General settings select Manage ABN Connections.
Click on Connect an ABN.

To connect you must have your security codes turned on or be using the myGov Access app to sign in. If this hasn’t been set up already, you’ll be prompted to Select a stronger sign-in option where you can choose to receive an SMS code or a code from the myGov Access app. Once this is set up you can continue to connect an ABN.

You can connect using either your personal details (ABN and personal TFN) or your existing AUSkey and password.

If you connect using your AUSkey and password you must be using the USB or machine your AUSkey is installed on. (Once you’ve connected you’ll no longer need to use an AUSkey).

Choose to connect an ABN using your personal details or AUSkey and password and click on Start connection process.
Follow the prompts.
Once the ABN is connected you can access government online business services (for example, the Business Portal). When you log in to the service, access the service’s log in screen as normal and choose myGov from the log in options, and sign in using your myGov details.
If you have more than one ABN that you would like to connect, select Connect another ABN in the Manage ABN Connections screen and repeat step 4 onwards.

ASIC Correspondence:

Go to:


Click on Company Officeholders ( which is the link above)

Add your company A.C.N

Add your company Corporate Key

Create a User Name
Create a Password

Setting up this service will enable you to receive all your company renewal notices electronically to your email address, avoiding late fees and lost mail