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SMSF Separation and Divorce

SMSF, Separation and Divorce – A Guide to managing your Super In today’s world, the unfortunate reality is that a significant number of marriages end

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SMSF Lending Tips

SMSF LENDING TIPS: Buying a property in a SMSF is a popular strategy, but SMSF property loans can often frustrate a lot of first time

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Contribution Splitting in a SMSF

Exploring Concessional Contribution Splitting Strategies for the 2022-23 Financial Year Splitting concessional contributions among members or spouses can be an effective strategy, provided you derive

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SMSF Deductions

SMSF PROPERTY DEDUCTIONS One of the great benefits of property in an SMSF is the raft of available deductions. Expenses that are likely to be

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Setting up an SMSF

Some of the things to consider when setting up an  SMSF Why should you setup an SMSF? This is the burning question or easily one

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SMSF Compliance Breaches

SMSF COMPLIANCE BREACHES SMSF COMPLIANCE BREACHES The ATO’s recent report has highlighted a few common breaches. This article will explore these breached in more detail

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How to locate lost super

FINDING YOUR LOST SUPER MONEY Finding your lost super funds can be a source of great frustration for many Australians, who had accounts in their

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SMSF Foreign Property

SMSF Foreign Property Australian investors love of property investment is often not restricted to domestic property.  Many SMSF’s are targeting foreign property for a variety

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Losing Your Partner

Coping with the loss of your partner Losing your partner changes your life, and money matters may seem unimportant at the time. Taking practical steps

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SMSF Insurance

Super Insurance Restrictions It is an unchallenged belief of many Australians, that they do not need any stand alone insurance, as their super fund covers

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